No more odors

No more unpleasant feeling when you have paid a visit to the toilet. With PURE-D, we ensure you that you and those who come after you won't smell anything.

No adjustments

You don't have ventilation in your toilet or is the existing ventilation not working properly? With PURE-D, extra ventilation is unnecessary.

Save money

Because PURE-D is already active during your toilet visit, you no longer need any other atomizers to cover up the odor afterwards.

Good impression

When your toilet smells fresh, you make a good impression on your visitors or customers. With PURE-D, you don't  have to worry about this anymore.

At home

In restaurants

In hotels

At the office

Main features

Patented ventilation system

Our unique patented ventilation system filters all the unwanted odors.

No power outlet needed

PURE-D contains a Powerbank that provides you with power for 4 to 6 weeks per charging cycle.

Replaceable filter

You will have an optimally functioning system, thanks to the integrated and replaceable filter.

Easy to install

The PURE-D toilet seat is very easy to install without the need of any special tools. 

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All features

Unique ventilation system

Durable materials (Duroplast)  

Easy to install

Easy to maintain

Softclose & Quick-Release

Universal fit (D-Shape)

Anti-bacterial & scratch-free

20.000mAh Powerbank

Replaceable filter

Automatic Start-Stop

Disinfecting (UVC)

Odor detection

Night- & mood lightning

Smartphone Controlled


Everyone has a scent, but that doesn't mean you should smell it.


The toilet seat with odor extraction

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At DENCK, the core activity of the company is the development of innovative products of high quality. We invent, design and improve innovative products that we test before we market them ourselves. Our latest addition is PURE-D, the toilet seat with integrated air extraction inlcuding a carbon filter that offers you a pleasant and odorless toilet experience.


The powerful air circulation that's generated in the toilet by a silent fan, makes your toilet visit become virtually odorless for yourself and for users after you. You don't have to sit on the toilet for a longer time until you think the odors you leave behind have disapeared. PURE-D ensures a flawless extraction of unwanted odors. Leave the smallest room with your head held up high.


PURE-D is powered by a rechargeable and exchangeable Power Bank and comes with interesting features to offer a pleasant toilet experience. The development is currently running at full speed and we expect to launch a could of test models by early 2021.


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